Rêve d'Ossian

Rêve d'Ossian

Rêve d'Ossian

The candle inspired by our acclaimed fragrance Rêve d’Ossian launched in 1900.

Woody notes of Pine, Sandalwood and Frankincense accentuate the mystery of the forest while Balsams and Leathers lift up one’s spirits…

290g – Burn time: up to 60hrs – 100% Vegetal Wax 


Product description

Artisanal Candle.

The production of our candles has been entrusted to a French Master Candle-maker who produces his candles one by one, without any form of automatisation, as it was done in the days of Fargeon Aîné. 

He uses a soy and coconut eco-friendly wax. His low fusion point technique allows for a longer burn time and ensures an excellent diffusion. The wicks are weaved in a way that guarantees neither smoke nor soot.