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Louis XV in the garments of Sacre, L-M. Van Loo, 1761

Since 1720

It was in 1720, during the reign of Louis XV, that Fargeon the Elder, Perfumer and Distiller of the King and his Circle (known across Europe as “The Perfumed Court”) created the Maison Oriza.

The French Court

Louis XV himself was Fargeon the Elder’s first customer, awarding him the title of “Purveyor to the Court of France”.

The Fargeon family remained prominent right up to the reign of Louis XVI, when they enjoyed the special favour of Queen Marie-Antoinette, known for her highly refined tastes.

Marie-Antoinette, portrait called "A La Rose", by L-E. Vige-Lebrun, 1783
Louis XVI in coronation costume, by J-S. Duplessis, 1777
Marie-Antoinette, portrait called "A La Rose", by L-E. Vige-Lebrun, 1783

Fargeon Elder gives his name to Maison Oriza in reference to creams and powders made from rice that he manufactures (Oriza Sativa refers to the cultivated species of rice and includes many varieties).

After the Revolution

The Revolution came and went and the old Fargeon House remains standing and henceforth provides the Emperor Napoleon 1st and the Empress Josephine and the Emperor Napoleon III.

Josephine de Beauharnais, Empress of the French, by F. Gerard, 1807
Napoleon 1st on the Imperial Throne by J-A-D. Ingres, 1806

From 1811, Mr. Louis Legrand became sole owner of the House and installs the Perfumery Oriza at the 207 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.

He runs the House for many years and steadily expands its reputation.

L. Legrand Perfumery - 207 rue St Honoré in 1811

The Oriza House will then become known as Oriza L. Legrand.

Antonin Raynaud, Antonin Raynaud, his shareholder, became his successor in 1860.

Wishing to perpetuate the prestige of this rich House, he installs the very first perfume steam plant in Levallois-Perret.

Perfumery Oriza L.Legrand's plant and Mansion.
Antonin Raynaud

The Maison Oriza L. Legrand is the appointed and patented supplier of the largest foreign courts (Russia, Italy, England) and provides the Court of France until Napoleon III.

Provider of the court of France
Provider of Napoléon III
Provider of the court of England
Provider of the court of Russia
Provider of the court of Italy


Violette du Czar

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Antonin Raynaud offers to L. Legrand House its finest titles of nobility by the creation of its Perfumery Oriza, which launched a revolution in the fragrance industry.

In 1879 is created a new sales room at 9 boulevard de la Madeleine.


During this second half of the 19th century, the Oriza L. Legrand factory was an economic and social model of its kind and at centre-stage in the rise of the modern perfume industry.

Oriza L. Legrand steam plant

The Oriza Perfumery thus becomes one of the first to offer a true range of fragrances, with different related products available under a single label.

In 1887, the factory in Levallois-Perret produced the first perfume in solid form.

A true innovation and scientific feat, this invention was patented by Oriza L. Legrand, perfected by Antonin Raynaud, and christened Essence Oriza Solidifiée. These fragrances, were enclosed in ivory or crystal incense-burners and pencil-shaped tubes.

Publicity announcing the invention of solidified perfumes by Oriza L.Legrand
Oriza bottle Déjà le Printemps in Baccarat Crystal

The refinement of the Maison Oriza L. Legrand's fragrances was equalled only by the elegance and prestige of its bottles, the design and production of which were entrusted to the famous crystal-maker Baccarat.


Foin fraîchement coupé

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In the spring of 1890, Antonin Raynaud created a prestigious boutique at 11 place de la Madeleine.

All the beau monde of Paris flocked there and the Parfumerie Oriza L. Legrand enjoyed an immense popularity in France and even more so overseas.



Drawing of time, illustrating the Universal Exhibition of Paris 1900

Its reputation for excellence transcending borders, the Maison Oriza L. Legrand took part in World Fairs in France and overseas.

The high honours it earned there were a mark of the exquisite quality of its fragrances and confirmation of its special position in the field of luxury perfumes.

The Paris World Fair of 1900consecrated two centuries of savoir-faire and industrial innovation by awarding its First Prize (Grand Prix) to Oriza L. Legrand, allowing it to enter the new century in grand style.


Rêve d'Ossian

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Its creativity, its avant-garde vision and the incredible quality of its compositions allow Oriza L. Legrand to be considered for almost three centuries as one of the most prestigious Houses of History.

Today ...


The history of Maison Oriza L. Legrand continues under the leadership of two independent entrepreneurs, Hugo Lambert & Franck Belaiche-Bonniot, both fascinated by French Perfumery history. Together they brought back to life the most beautiful creations of the House, after years of historical researches.

This revival of the House of Oriza L. Legrand has been achieved with the help of French craftsmen and family businesses and utter respect for the traditions of Master Perfumers and the use of basic ingredients of the highest order.

We invite you to enter into the history of the prestigious Maison Oriza L. Legrand ...