Home fragrances can bring your decoration and your home to life by bringing a very special sensory dimension. Place a scented candle on your table for a romantic atmosphere, thanks to the glow of its flame or for a guaranteed moment of relaxation or a fragrance diffuser will be ideal for creating a fragrant indoor atmosphere for several weeks in your home.


Les bougies parfumées végétale Oriza L. Legrand sont des bougies artisanales de très haute qualité intégralement fabriquée en France. Fabriquées à la main avec un savoir-faire ancestral qui a fait le rayonnement de la France jusqu'alors.

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Perfumes for the air of apartments, hangings, curtains, fabrics and automobiles. For a pleasant olfactory atmosphere in your home, choose one of our interior fragrances! The whole universe of Oriza L.Legrand scents is available to us!

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In France, Oriza perfumes are sold in our own Parisian boutiques located rue des Saints-Pères Paris 6th and 18 rue Saint-Augustin Paris 2nd.