In 1852, based on a formula perfected by Fargeon Aîné, Oriza L. Legrand introduced "Oriza Aciduliné" -- a delicately perfumed cosmetic vinegar designed for skin and hair care.

To benefit fully from its positive effects, you should add it to the water used for rinsing your hair after washing so as to give it brilliance and sparkle. A few drops in one's bath water will also envelop one with a sensation of well-being and relaxation while also imparting a delicate fragrance to one's skin.

For men, used as an after-shave, Oriza Aciduliné will calm razor irritation, while softening and toning the skin. As a vaporizer, released in rooms around the house. it cleans, purifies and perfumes pleasantly.

100% natural hand made in France - Bottle with spray - 10.14 fl.oz - (85°)

Cosmetic Vinegar

Skin Cares

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