With its paradoxes, at once powdery and peppery, silky and sparkly, Carnation both comforts and provokes the senses.

Reminiscent of bygone days the scent of powder evanesces and gives way to the spiciness of its clove-like notes.

A tribute to Louis XV, the beloved King of France, who saw the birth of ORIZA in 1720 and of whom he was the most illustrious client, White Carnation is adorned with Mandarin, Iris and Blond Woods, barely concealing the violence of Pepper, Clove and Pink Pepper, as heady and intoxication as a poison.

White Carnation as a symbol of faithful passion lurking in the shadows of the Monarchy, peppered with the gunpowder smell of the French Revolution.

Pink Carnation, bitter like Virgin Mary’s tears, growing on Jesus’ footsteps as he walked to his doom, burdened with the Cross.

A flower of symbols, full with olfactory contrasts, worn by Louis XV and the Muscadins, Carnation here appears more beautiful and surprising than ever.

Oeillet Louis XV – “Unparalleled Perfume”.


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Top notes

Mandarin, Pink Pepper.

Middle notes

White Orchid, Garden-Pink, Rose, Clove, Carnation Absolute.

Base notes

Rice Powder, White Musk, Honey, Blond Woods.


Oeillet Louis XV

Eau de Parfum

Woody and Peppery Carnation

This product is also available in recharge