Of all French perfume makers, only the House of Oriza L. Legrand was chosen as“Purveyor to the Russian Court”.
In recognition of this honour, it developed a line of fine and delicate fragrances, of which the“Violettes du Czar” stood out for its unmatched quality, making it a favourite of the well-to-do and the Courts of Europe.
The violet of Nice, infinitely finer, more delicate, and more distinguished than others, married to the virile accents of pedigree Russian leather, balsam and amber, is less restrained than the words that describe it.
“Violettes du Czar” is an audacious perfume that will appeal to elegant men and women alike.


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Top notes

Violet Leaves & Wild Violet.

Middle notes

Violet from Nice, Iris & Heliotrope.

Base notes

Tolu balm, Leather, Amber and Gaïac wood.


Violettes du Czar

Eau de Parfum

Violet and Amber

This product is also available in recharge