A stroll amidst the awakening Nature.

Dewdrops glisten on wild grass and cloverleaves, carrying their fresh and green scent.

The sun rises afar and shines over damp flowers and budding fig leaves.

Young shrubs whistle in the wind, fragile blossoms bloom at last and from the soil wafts a faint smell of peat and gnarled roots.  

Daisies standing tall in the prairie, the sea of grass is rippling and the Lily of the Valley rests on a bed of Oakmoss, filling the air with the sweet fragrance of nature’s revival. 

Spring has come at last!


Our products * are now available in refills ** for a new simple and responsible beauty gesture.

* Except The Discovery Box of 6 samples.

** Products sold “naked”, without box, without wedge, without pompom, without stopper, without porcelain jar for Bath Salts, just what is strictly necessary to preserve the planet.

Top notes

Mint, Daisies, Orange Blossom.

Middle notes

Fig Leaf, Clover, Mown Grass, Galbanum, Lily of the Valley.

Base notes

Musk, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Cedarwood.


Déjà Le Printemps

Eau de Parfum

Wild and Green Grass

This product is also available in recharge