Oriza L. Legrand balms and serums are 100% handcrafted in France from plants and flowers cultivated in organic agriculture, Nature & Progrès and Syndicat des Simples, thus certifying a harvest that is respectful of the environment, devoid of synthetic chemicals and cruelty-free.

Our products include Macerated Oils.

The slow maceration process ensure that all the active agents of our plants are extracted, resulting in a more complete product. Our formulae are thus more efficient than a simple blend of essential and carrier oils.

Moisturising, firming, purifying.

A very moisturising, nourishing, revitalising and repairing serum formulated with Rose Geranium Extract. 

Ingredients: Rose Geranium macerated oil; Geranium Hydrosol; Jojoba Oil; Organic Emulsifying Agent, Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

Our products* are now available in refills** for a new simple and responsible beauty gesture.

* Except The Discovery Box of 6 samples.

** Products sold “naked”, without box, without wedge, without pompom, without stopper, without porcelain jar for Bath Salts, just what is strictly necessary to preserve the planet.

Normal skin serum

Skin Cares

30 ml

This product is also available in recharge