The Oriza L. Legrand scented vegetable candle is a very high quality handcrafted candle entirely made in France. It is the result of four centuries of historical recognition in the world of perfumes, powders and ointments since the Maison's first customer, Louis XV, bestowed his favors on its founder, Fargeon-Aîné in 1720. Your scented candle brings together all the qualities demanded by Maison Oriza L. Legrand, guarantor of ancestral know-how which has made France so famous.


Our products* are now available in refills** for a new simple and responsible beauty gesture.

* Except The Discovery Box of 6 samples.

** Products sold “naked”, without box, without wedge, without pompom, without stopper, without porcelain jar for Bath Salts, just what is strictly necessary to preserve the planet.

Déjà Le Printemps

Fresh and lemony

Perfumed Candle

130 gr / 35h de brûlage

This product is also available in recharge