This is a natural blotting-paper produced entirely by hand in France (Corrèze).

It has notes of sandalwood and nag champa (a perfume from the yellow flower of a Himalayan tree called michella champaka).

Champaka incense is traditionally used in India during rituals of offering to Ganesh, one of the supreme deities.

This Indian Paper contains an ingredient called halmaddi (a semi-liquid resin taken from the ailanthus triphysa or ailanthus malabarica tree) which gives it both its amber colour and its capacity to absorb ambient humidity.

Its fragrances — including a strong concentration of sandalwood —  are conducive to calm and meditation.


Personal Development

Peace and Serenity


Her Royal Highness Victoria, Queen of England from 1837 and Empress of India from 1876, had a surprising and lasting friendship with Napoleon III, the Anglophile Emperor of France.

Her own attachment to France was reflected in frequent stays on the French Riviera, including Nice from 1895 to 1899, where Antonin Raynaud, the happy owner of the illustrious Paris perfume house Oriza L. Legrand, built the Excelsior Regina Palace Hotel to receive her in the pomp appropriate to the ruler of a quarter of the human race.

Raynaud inaugurated the grand and flamboyant hotel in the presence of numerous dignitaries and journalists from around the world on February 15, 1897. Thereafter, the Queen occupied 70 of its 200 luxurious rooms.

Already In 1886, The House of Oriza L. Legrand, always at the cutting edge of innovation and fashion, began to offer this small travelling box of twelve strips in typical Indian hues to brighten up hotel rooms and carry with one a small reminder of the India of the Maharajas. 


Our products* are now available in refills** for a new simple and responsible beauty gesture.

* Except The Discovery Box of 6 samples.

** Products sold “naked”, without box, without wedge, without pompom, without stopper, without porcelain jar for Bath Salts, just what is strictly necessary to preserve the planet.



This is a natural blotting-paper produced entirely by hand in France (Corrèze).

This product is also available in recharge